Making Winter Warmer

We’ve been going through a cold snap lately, and I’ve been sitting in front of the heater at night, knitting to my heart’s content :) I finished my ‘Back To School U-Neck Vest‘ on Sunday night. This is the second piece I’ve knit from the ‘Fitted Knits’ book, and  I’m really pleased with the end result. The yarn, Paton’s Australia Jet, is gorgeous both to look at and knit with, while the pattern is easy to follow, and interesting to knit. I particularly love the edging aroung the neck and arms…


…I’ve also started on a new crochet blanket. This one is going to be made entirely from scraps…


The pattern is  rav_link4 here


2 Responses to “Making Winter Warmer”

  1. Livinginthepast Says:

    Yay, a newbie to miniatures! :D So what did you think of the concept? Be honest. :P
    My boyfriend and I are doing knitting lately.

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