Finished At Last!

Last night I finished my afghan using the ‘Sunburst Granny Squarerav_link4 I came across this pattern last year, and loved the way the round center becomes a square.  It’s made from acrylics, as our crocheted blankets are used a lot in the colder months, so I find it’s better to use acrylic so it can be washed without too much worry :) I’m really pleased with the scrappy look, and after finishing it last night, I snuggled under it to watch ‘War Of The Worlds’ on Fox, and was as  warm as toast.



I reached a milestone on Etsy this morning. The ‘Creme Brulee‘ stitch markers I listed yesterday sold, making them my 100th sale!


3 Responses to “Finished At Last!”

  1. jenn desjardins Says:

    omg! That afghan is gorgeous..looks like a lot of work!

  2. MonikaRose Says:

    Hello, love the afghan, full of color and warmth, I myself love working with acrylic. The yarn has variety of colors to work with, especially variegated yarn. Also congratulations on your 100th sale. Have a fantastic day and weekend ahead :) MonikaRose

  3. spagranny Says:


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