Sunshine On A Rainy Day

We have now  had four days of rain…now I normally welcome rain, but this is a tad OTT! Our lawn is so wet that today the postie parked on the roadside and walked to our mailbox. He’s nearly come to grief before in times of heavy rain, and I guess today he just didn’t feel like the challenge ;)

So, as the weather isn’t co-operating, I searched Etsy for some sunshine!

Like what you see? Check out the seller’s other items…


Crochet Maggie ¤ Alisa Paints ¤ rivulette

Quirky Dame Designs ¤ Adorn Me Jewelry

Mia Sophia ¤ Buttonhead ¤ Jadewicks

Sassy Glass Studio ¤ JuJu ¤ Oktak ¤ Holly Rocks

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2 Responses to “Sunshine On A Rainy Day”

  1. Giftbearer Says:

    Very pretty treasury list! I especially love the cat painting!

  2. Cate Holst Says:

    Yellow and orange are my favourite colours. Such fun and happiness!!!

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