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Knit Pretty

I love using pretty things when I knit, it’s why I treated myself to a set of the Knit Picks Options Harmony interchangeable needles.  It’s also why I make my own stitch markers and row counters. I’ve recently started listing them in my shops, those listed are the same as I use, snag free, easy to use and knitter tested ;)

Here are some recent additions…choose the size! There are three sizes of split rings to choose from and the option of having one marker made a little differently to help when knitting in the round…


Be Mine…


In Bloom…

…and row counter bracelets. I love these, they count up to 99 rows and look great too :)


Fine & Mellow…


Spring Fling…

Making Winter Warmer

We’ve been going through a cold snap lately, and I’ve been sitting in front of the heater at night, knitting to my heart’s content :) I finished my ‘Back To School U-Neck Vest‘ on Sunday night. This is the second piece I’ve knit from the ‘Fitted Knits’ book, and  I’m really pleased with the end result. The yarn, Paton’s Australia Jet, is gorgeous both to look at and knit with, while the pattern is easy to follow, and interesting to knit. I particularly love the edging aroung the neck and arms…


…I’ve also started on a new crochet blanket. This one is going to be made entirely from scraps…


The pattern is  rav_link4 here

Some New Pieces

We have had horrible weather over the past week, strong winds and heavy rain. Today has been our first truly fine day, not a spit of rain to be had! Any outdoor activities were out of the question, so  any spare time I used to knit my cardigan, and also start on the ‘Back To School U-Neck Vest’ from the book ‘Fitted Knits‘. For the vest, I’m using Paton’s Jet, a beautiful varigated yarn with pinks, lilac, orange, red and browns. It’s knitting up very quickly too, which is nice…


…I’m about halfway…can hardly wait to wear it =D


As mentioned, the weather has been atrocious. Horrible for any outdoor activities, but great for staying indoors and being creative. It also inspired me to create some ‘summer’ pieces…here are eight new pieces which have been listed in my Etsy shop over the last week or so…

8 pieces

A Perfect Day!

Last night and this morning were both very cold…which I guess we have to get used to as we head into the last two weeks of Autumn. However, I think I could bear the cold if every day was like today…brilliant blue sky, not a cloud to be seen…

Back Yard Autumn

…I decided to ake the most of the day by sitting outside after lunch and knitting my rav_link4 Ms Greenjeans

Ms GreenJeans 2

…it’s proving to be a quick knit, which is good, because I think I’m going to need it soon ;)

One Finished…Another Started.

Yesterday was a chilly day, perfect for staying indoors with knitting :) so I finally finished my  rav_link3Puff-Sleeved Feminine Cardigan‘,  from the book ‘Fitted Knits‘. It has been a marathon knit, despite it being a small, short-sleeved cardigan, but I am happy with the end result. The only change I made to the original, was the patterned peplum. I substituted it with a pattern called ‘Polperro Musician’ from my Harmony Stitch Guides. I felt it worked in well with the design.


Will take a full pic when it is blocked, and the buttons added :)

I don’t like having too many projects going at the one time, so now that I’ve finished the above mentioned cardigan, I cast on last night for a cardigan which has been in my Ravelry queue for sometime…Mr. Greenjeans. I bought the yarn, Cascade 220 ,in a gorgeous green-yellow colourway called ‘Celery’ late last year. The yarn is so soft!  I have been tempted to cast on so many times, but resisted, and I’m glad I did, now I can concentrate on getting this finished in time for the cold weather :)



Thank you to kazzalblue, for featuring my Strawberry Patch stitch markers in her wonderful treasury, which also featured other members of the DUST team…


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